Our products are superior in quality; as we pride ourselves in serving clients with the highest potency, purity, and meticulous, vigorous testing through 3rd party quality assurance production. A duplication of our grade of Alpha Lipoic Acid is currently unavailable.  Our products are produced by industry experts, all manufactured in the USA. Secondly, our products are targeted towards healing and regulating the nervous system, versus masking symptoms and managing pain.

As CRPS, has its primary effect on deregulating the nervous system and misfiring signals to the brain, each product has been specially formulated to address symptoms, nerve damage, deregulation and all of the organs and functionality behind it. Using this powerful combination of products, are all meant to target, specific vulnerabilities CRPS attacks. I’ve included information which ties this system used in conjunction as a powerful force against CRPS.

Finally, we’ve personally used these products and are a living testimony as to how it can promote healing and give back the quality of life. We first encountered CRPS, in March of 2022 after a surgery.

We’ve also been in your shoes.


My goal in sharing these self-created regimens is to introduce others with alternatives methods that encourage healing and optimal health. I am not claiming to have a cure but, more so assist in healing rather than managing pain and symptoms. The framework of Odoyo is to get to the root-cause of these conditions and treat them in a holistic fashion.



  • Transparency – We want people to know exactly what their bodies are ingesting. Our products are made with the highest potency, purity, and have gone through vigorous third party testing ensuring the safety and best interests of the consumers we’re serving. Everything is broken down and linked together for consumers to be understood how and why our system will work for them.
  • Do Your Best – We pride ourselves on giving our best to our clients. We are proactive in our approach, and believe in the utilitarian approach. Optimal health is our end goal, and we don’t cut corners, or take any short cuts when it comes to delivering.
  • Integrity – Part of doing our best also means with acting with integrity. We are leading from a strong moral compass, and believe in doing the right thing ethically, morally and legally. This also means acting resourcefully and leading with sustainability. We care about how the means come to an end in our entire process from manufacturing, down to delivering the finished product.
  • In Christ, All Things Are Possible – This is the nexus of alternative routes of healing. This is ultimately our source and inspiration for how Odoyo Premier came to be.