My Journey To Remission(Asymptomatic)

My Story Journey To Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Remission (Asymptomatic):

Surgery – 03/2022

Diagnosis Date - 04/2022

Self-Created Regimen Start Date – 05/2022

Tangible Results Began Between - July/August 2022

Resumed Physical Therapy – 07/2022

Current State - Still in “remission” (asymptomatic) – Present Day (07/11/2023)

Patient: My son

Contributor/ Facilitator/ Advocate – Odoyo Premier, also known as Mother

Remission – Is defined as when the disease, syndrome, or virus is no longer active. The patient is symptom free and presuming life as if they had not been diagnosed.

The Beginning

How it all began, was after a traumatic injury my son had surgery on his leg. I noticed over time, there was unusual, lingering pain that heightened at certain times of the day and night. At first, I thought it was normal and part of the healing phase after a traumatic injury requiring surgery, and intensive care. After awhile, I began to look further into the pain and how it persisted, despite the progression of the healing on the wound, bone, and tissue overall.


The Diagnosis

After a month and five days of terroristic suffering, we were formally diagnosed. I began to process what this meant, and mentally assess how CRPS was wrecking havoc on my son’s body. My next step was to look into the options.

Although I was told as many of you have been as well that there is no cure for this condition, something in me mentally just couldn’t succumb to believing that this is it for life.

I stayed in a state of prayer, on my quest to find some sort of solution to mitigate or resolve this issue completely despite, the medical consensus. I am also a business analyst and followed certain sequences in gathering requirements and conducting root-cause analysis as I would if I was working as an analyst in this case.


My next step was to find out all the information I possibly could on how this syndrome worked. From the limbs it affected, to the anatomy, and how the syndrome developed over time. It was hell as it’s a poorly understood condition, leaving you with more questions than answers. It affects about 200,000 people out of the United States demographic per year and I don’t know what factor is taken in account for how little information and options there are out there.

Research: Deep Analysis

So the first step, I went through an anatomy lesson and learned that the central nervous system is affected by CRPS. This is the sensory and parasympathetic systems, both of which send signals to the brain. The central nervous system is enzymatic with over three hundred functions sending signals and working with different parts of our body. This is from our musculoskeletal system to our brain, and our heart. If it is in disarray, you get a lot of the symptoms that complex regional pain syndrome results in.


The second step is to find out what nutritional needs are to be met for our central nervous system to thrive. B-Vitamins are crucial with nerve health, and fortify our nerves. So in the process of elimination, I had my son supplementing on a nutrient rich supplement of B-Vitamins surplus to ensure, that deficiency wasn’t the case. The next thing is Magnesium. It is one of the most essential minerals, if not thee most essential mineral our bodies need and doesn’t produce on its own. It is uncommon knowledge that most people are generally already deficient in this mineral, thus they aren’t adequately prepared to fully heal or recover on schedule as the damaged nerves, or generally with the CNS as most do not get enough anyhow. This allows for CRPS to accelerate to the next stages. Many patients with CRPS aren’t adequately prepared to heal as they are immobile, bedridden and limited with their nutrition and health as CRPS puts the body in a state of decline and deterioration. This significantly reduces chances of recovery of both the limb, and affected nerves depending on the type of CRPS you may have.


I also learned about the stages of CRPS, and deciphered what stage we were in as CRPS develops rapidly, can spread, and lead to disability.


We were in Stage II, Type II – From my observation.*

*** 3 -6 month duration, Type II – causalgia – a specific type of nerve damage



The other thing I did in between time as I was vetting options was to observe the changes with the prescription medication and the impact it had on healing. Although Gabapentin is vouched to be one of the best prescription medications on the market for neuropathy, and is said to be safe to take long-term it simply manages the pain. The dosages had to be increased and adjusted every so often as the body would get accommodated to the dosage. The body would then become immune to it, therefore resulting in a pain crisis going back to stage one. The pain was also only so managed to take some of an edge off after a certain amount of time. It did not help the quality of life, or allow for physical therapy, or daily tasks.


I was able to determine the prescription medication although helpful, was not a viable long-term solution. Not to mention the opiod along with it had its own risks with the country being in a crisis with opiod addiction as well as unknown long-term effects of taking these just did not have a good outlook.


Furthermore, I started looking into options for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. They were few and far between; a lot of them were also invasive, inaccessible, and expensive. Overall inconvenient solutions for our current circumstances.

A Turning Point & The Key


Approaching step three, I sifted through the mass data of clinical studies available for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I also conducted meticulous research deep into the web scouring for correlations between the symptoms and what is available, on the market. I was able to determine I would start with the least invasive, convenient, accessible, natural solutions first and work my way down the list. I compiled a list of different products to try. I needed something that wouldn’t interfere with current medications, or have severe side-effects. I was able to find natural products with healing properties that help our bodies in its regeneration schedule. The thing is with a lot of these products; you need specific concentrations, formulas and properties to see the healing results. We did some experimenting before getting it right.

In Conclusion: Why This Story Is Important


We stayed consistent to the self-created product concoction regimen and gradually over time, we saw significant tangible results which were according to the regeneration schedule of the body. We were able to go to physical therapy, withstand temperature changes, texture, and completely wean off the opiods, and Gabapentin. This is without dependency on the self-created regimen. Once we completed the course, we were completely done and haven’t taken anymore of the products.

Now I am sharing our exact protocol, what we used, how we used it, in a consultative guide available here.


We update our blogs frequently and to this present day we still maintain a state of remission (asymptomatic) status to any of the complex regional pain syndrome symptoms.


To learn more about our story and FAQ please visit.


I was able to find some products which turned out to be our daily staples before we got to asymptomatic status. To learn more about those, click here.


There are a few before and after pictures but, we were in such a blur during that time we didn’t do a lot of documentation.


I am telling our story to give others, in similar predicaments hope. I am as detailed as I can be as I believe remission is possible between stages one-two, and with type two of CRPS. I urge anyone who fits the criteria to act quickly with this syndrome, as it rapidly progresses and can ultimately lead to malnourishment, immobility, and disability if not treated. It is referenced to as the “suicide disease” as it wrecks havoc on your body, can spread, and tricks your brain. You are not alone, and that is why my blog is here. It is packed full of information and all kinds of pertinent details from symptoms all the way to diagnosis, to applying for disability.  I am here to help you advocate for yourself and share all that I know. The timing is crucial. I am not promising remission but, you may reduce the toll it is taking on your body and improve your quality of life. The fact is there are options and something can be done. Learn more at


Do you believe CRPS can be healed or go into remission? Do you know anyone else who has achieved this?

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