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Neurological Re-engineering | Found based upon a Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Diagnosis from WHICH WE HAVE SUCCESSFULLY ACHIEVED REMISSION STATUS AND MAINTAIN| BE THE NEXT TESTIMONY

Choose Nerve Care for Your Health: Engineered to stimulate cellular healing – Achieve lasting outcomes within 30 to 90 days****, don’t just manage your nerve pain, choose to restore it.

Nutritional Therapy

Inducing healing from within, down to a cellular level. Our products are designed to target deficiencies, replenish, and adequately support the body 's regeneration schedule regenerating nerves,tissues, and damaged cells in holistic fashion. Leading ultimately to healing for sustainable results.

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We've Been There

Odoyo Premier was found based upon the diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, directly impacting our family in March of 2022. With little information to go on, we've personally conducted vigilant research on how it impacts the body, which in where CRPS takes its
effect. Odoyo Premier has researched, analyzed and synthesized a combination of products, clinical studies, and methodology to assist with this debilitating, rare syndrome. My family has personally had success with this system regimen, which has led me to orchestrate this plexus, combine it and share these methods with others who are suffering in silence with this condition.

Are You Experiencing?

  • Allodynia (Extreme sensitivity to touch, texture)
  • Hearing/ Sound Sensitivity
  • Abnormal sweating
  • Abnormal hair & nail growth
  • Changes in bone (density loss)
  • Severe burning pain – Pain disproportionate to the injury (shooting, stabbing, electrifying, burning sensations)
  • Numbness, Tingling, Pins & Needles sensation
  • Skin color and temperature
    changes (red, purple, blue mottled skin) shiny, thin skin
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Swelling

If so, this may be for you

Benefits of Taking Nutritional Therapy

  • May repair the nerves
  • May reduce numbness, tingling, and sensitivity
  • Easy to take and designed for maximum absorption
  • A non-invasive, affordable, convenient option shipped right to your door
  • Sustainable results. You don’t have to continue taking this product, once you complete the course.

***** Depending upon how long you’ve had your neural damage, injury. 1 Package expected for people with neuropathy 1 year or under.

Why Odoyo Premier?

Our strategy combines clinical pharmacology, neuroscience, research and root cause analysis = the birth of Nutritional Therapy. Regeneration Medicine Methodology is at the crux of our purpose and our inspiration for founding Odoyo.

  • Dietary Supplements To Treat CRPS/ RSD

    Lion's Mane

    Lion's Mane -

    • Improves overall brain health and cognitive functioning, including learning & memory

    Involved in clinical studies supporting the claims and years of
    research, stating Lion’s Health’s role in alleviating and healing
    neurodegenerative disorders. Has neuroprotective properties.

    • Promotes nerve growth by stimulating the production of nerve growth factor.
    • Can repair Myelin Sheath. The Myelin Sheath being the insulating
      layer that forms around the nerve cells. This is integral for the proper
      function of the nerve cells, and demyelination can cause many
      neurological disorders.
    • According to an animal study, Hericum  Erinceus can repair peripheral nerves following a traumatic or crush injury
  • Dietary Supplements To Treat CRPS/RSD


    Magnesium -

    • Magnesium is an essential nutrient, which must be supplied daily as the body cannot produce it itself
    • Magnesium regulates the normal function of the central nervous system
    • Magnesium is involved in the formation of membrane phospholipids,
      signal transduction, the formation of the myelin sheath and synapse, and
      regulating the transmission of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and
      serotonin (5- HT)
    • Many studies have shown that magnesium can promote
      axons growth and neural stem cells proliferation, regulate the
      inflammatory response, and then inhibit apoptosis. (cell-death)“From a neurological standpoint, magnesium plays an essential role in
      nerve transmission and neuromuscular conduction.
    • It also functions in a
      protective role against excessive excitation that can lead to neuronal
      cell death (excitotixicy), and has been implicated in multiple
      neurological disorders to these important functions within the nervous
  • Dietary Supplements To Treat CRPS/ RSD

    Alpha Lipoic Acid

    Alpha Lipoic Acid -

    • Alpha Lipoic Acid has had studies conducted proving its ability to decrease neuronal sensitivity to pain
    • In Germany, Alpha Lipoic Acid is an approved for treatment of diabetic neuropathic pain and is covered by health insurances
    • Alpha Lipoic Acid appears to delay or reverse peripheral diabetic neuropathy through its multiple antioxidant properties
    • Alpha Lipoic acid is also the most potent, and pure form correct for repairing nerve damage
  • The Process

    Nutritional Therapy is set-up to maintain sustainable results. This is by activating and promoting the natural healing properties, regenerating our central nervous system and nerve cells. Nourishing our bodies with pure, potent, natural ingredients and being as educated as possible about the affected anatomy.

    Regulating the nervous system, for repair is the goal.

    This regimen is not a substitute for pain management. It is a protocol to encourage healing and therefore produce a sustainable, improved quality of life.

    1. Start Nutritional Therapy Treatment Protocol

    2. Follow Directions and Complete entire regimen all the way through

    3. Start Physical Therapy if applies on affected limb

    3. Leave Feedback

  • A 3 -Step System with a PDF Guide

    Included in the set, is a complete, concise, consultation PDF guide with step-by-step instructions on how to take each product

    Pure, Potent, Quality Ingredients

    Certified Organic

    Soy free

    Gluten free

    Dairy free


  • A Powerful Combination, Targeting The Root Cause

    • Improve Your Quality of Life

    • Informative - Learn how this 3-Step system is expertly formulated to aid in healing and restoration

    • Backed by Clinical Studies, demonstrating how each primary ingredient regulates the nervous system and aids in healing nerve damage

    • Expertly Formulated
    • Regenerative
    • Each step goes into detail on how to take each product, separately and efficiently for maximum absorption and preventing interactions

FAQ : Nutritional Therapy

Why should I consider taking a supplement?

A supplement is defined as an additional aid to the nutritional palate. This is a
direct source of the missing or underserved element, usually in the form of a powder, tablet, or liquid. A supplement can be considered as most consumers aren’t receiving their daily
portion of a balanced nutritious diet complete with the essential vitamins and
minerals that are crucial for our bodies functionality; including those that enable
recovery, regeneration, and optimally functionality. Most consumers with
neural injuries can recover on their own if their body is already in its best
shape to do so according to the body’s regeneration schedule.

Most consumers are not when they have other health conditions, inflammation, and immobility taken
in consideration. Certain conditions must be met, for our bodies to recover naturally.
This is where the supplement comes in. A supplement ensures
your body is getting all that it needs, and acts as additional support in circumstances where your body needs it the most, especially that of recovery from trauma and injury.

How long do I need to take this system?

For optimal results, it's recommended to follow the directions and take each
product as directed. Finish the course all the way through. Severe cases of
nerve-damage/degeneration may require long-term use and additional rounds of the system.

When would you expect to see change and results?

Change will occur gradually, with notable change being evident by the 30 day mark. Nerves regenerate at the rate of 1 inch per month, and muscles between
2-4 weeks. Measure the progress in your symptoms, and quality of life.

What is your success rate?

Each individual and case is different. Success may measure differently for each individual. Success may be an improved quality of life with lower/tolerable pain levels, while for others remission from their symptoms entirely. 

Your Final Stop in Chronic Pain Restoration: Tried the rest? Now try the best

Doctor’s visits average $171 per visit and chronic pain patients often have multiple with
multiple teams. Try Nutritional Therapy’s course for just $2.22/ a day, for a 90-day supply.

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