Coping With Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS):Essentials To Endure

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSDp Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy: Staples

Overview: I have compiled a list of daily essentials we have personally used to manage complex regional pain syndrome, on a daily basis. These were our must haves to ensure we were able to function well enough to go to physical therapy, and follow through with daily tasks. They are small things but, significant when having a flare as they can make all the difference.

TV Dinner Foldable Table – Set-up near the bed to hold medication, food & drinks, phone charger, etc.

Portable Urine Instrument – Self- explanatory

Non-Slip Resistant Shower/Bathe Mat – Self-explanatory

Shower Chair – Self-explanatory

Topical Anesthetic - Muscle Mist – Applied Before, and after showers, before and after going outside, transport, and therapy

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Solid Formula Jar – This is for relieving what’s called “dryness” when the skin’s moisture is affected through exposure, or a triggered system to be used on the affected areas.

 Thick large plastic covering – To cover car seats as the texture would inflame the affected limb and trigger the allodynia. This is also known as the extreme sensitivity to the temperature, texture, and touch. You need enough to cover the entire chair, down to the floor mats under the seats. – This helped us a lot especially for the heat, but really it didn’t matter what the weather was. There would be discomfort and inflammation.

Pillows – For elevating/propping up the affected limb if it applies.

Pillowcase protector – waterproof, stain proof, sweat proof, and hypoallergenic

Mattress protector – waterproof, stain proof, sweat proof, and hypoallergenic

Melatonin – Self explanatory – Used temporarily to get a quality four to five hours of sleep.


Prescription Pain Medication - Gabapentin is what I’ve been told is the best for neuropathy pain to get through while you’re trying to heal. This is what we used.  I put temporary because, the body becomes immune to the dosage and it will continue to need to be increased to relieve pain. I consider this method a temporary method, as it is just meant to relieve pain.

Nutritional Therapy I Regimen: After sifting through massive amounts of data and clinical studies, and doing research I came up with the Nutritional Therapy Regimen. Starting with step one and observing for progress over time before moving on to Step 2 & 3. This ultimately led to gradual tapering off of the symptoms to mobility without accommodation to no CRPS/RSD symptoms. We still worked in conjunction with medical specialists to confirm the healing and progression of the affected limb. The routine for the Nutritional Therapy I Regimen is included in the guide.

We hope you found this list helpful with the essentials for functioning with CRPS/RSD. If you have anything to add, or would like to share feedback comment below.

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