The best topical numbing agents for managing Complex Regional Pain Syndrome(CRPS) pain management : personally Tested & compared

If you are someone experiencing symptoms of allodynia defined as extreme sensitivity to touch, texture, and temperature some of these numbing agents and creams may be for you.

Other symptoms such as, neuropathy (numbness, nerve pain, burning, and tingling,  and chronic pain) may find relief with these over the counter, topical treatments. Other common conditions such as arthritis pain, and muscle atrophy may also find this useful.  

 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is defined as a chronic debilitating pain, continuous beyond the healing of the wound, surgery, fracture, or abrasion and out of proportion of the injury. It is believed by industry experts to be linked to the nervous system.

 Numbing cream works by blocking nerve impulses and signals to the skin’s nerve-endings, as a result reducing pain in the area in which application has been applied.

 Some active ingredients to look for would be;




 These are the best active ingredients to look for when choosing your numbing cream or agent. There are certain concentrations that layer and absorb better into the skin. Due to the complicated nature of allodynia and CRPS, it is best to choose something that won’t complicate or aggravate symptoms further. Topical creams are over the counter and accessible options. Lidocaine is sold at a maximum of 5% and is often used for clients when they are getting a tattoo.

Topical treatments can be a helpful resource to manage symptoms like sensitivity, texture, and nerve pain. For people with chronic pain, it’s a great idea to have this in your staple of tools for everyday management of flares.

Here is what we have experimented with and found works best:

Best Overall: Muscle Mist is the first preferential choice, with its powerful combination of ingredients, particularly, Menthol, goes the distance providing relief for up to two hours. It actually comes in the form of a liquid, in a spray bottle. It is designed for multi-purposes and usage. However, be careful not to overdo it and become too numb. A little goes a long way, and the application is effective immediately, while lasting for two-hours before reapplication is needed. This product is available on Amazon for $27.99 and the link is provided below.

While scouring the web, I am grateful to have found Melissa Wardlaw’s blog entry about coping with CRPS. Melissa Wardlow is a CRPS Survivor and Advocate, whom has shared her insight on her personal blog entries from which we have followed and are glad we were able to use some of her recommended products and techniques. To learn more, check here.

 We personally have tried the Country Connections Muscle Mist. It truly provides effective, lasting relief. This was one of our staple must have items when managing CRPS daily. I have included a link to the one we purchased below.

Best Cream & Moderate Relief Clearbody Organics' Hemp Relief with Soothing Peppermint is another effective option; it is non-greasy, moisturizing, and easily absorbable and provides relief for a minimum of two hours. It is our first choice for a cream formula, as it’s easily absorbable, effective for moderate relief, and hypoallergenic. The ingredients are natural, extra strength and suitable for sensitive skin.  This product is available on Amazon at $24.26 and the link is provided below.

I am not affiliated with the seller, either brand, or Amazon.

Application instructions vary to each product. Most products require skin to be clean, dry and free of other substances prior to application.

The best times to use; our best times to use were prior to and after showering/bathing, or having to go outside and before and after physical therapy.

While these agents can't cure underlying conditions, they can help with daily tasks, mobility, bathing, and generally taking the edge off of the pain and sensitivity.

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