Strategy For Combating CRPS

Strategy Against Combating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome


Healing from within:

As I have had my personal encounter with CRPS and began to understand the insidious syndrome, I began to get strategic on combating the disease. I have spent countless hours, looking into clinical studies, the latest procedures available, clinics, and sleuthing online. In search of any bit of helpful information that is evident of what it will respond to. The Central Nervous System is the main culprit of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. As it’s deregulated and in a dysfunctional state, this allows the brain to misfire pain signals, thus resulting in the pain and sensitivity that the patient experiences.

It is my belief that CRPS needs a combination of tailored, customized treatment per patient. I also believe the first healing must come from within, nutritionally and within a year of diagnosis for a stronger chance of recovery. In order to start physical therapy, and avoid muscle atrophy the patient must be able to move and function. This is almost impossible to do with the menacing sensitivity, and excruciating pain preventing him or her from leaving the home.

This is what we did.


  1. First and foremost receive an official diagnosis


  1. Be informed. Learn all you can about CRPS and how it impacts your anatomy, and why. Thankfully, you don’t have to do all of this on your own. We have made it our mission to collect as much information as we can on our blog and condense it for our readers. All of the pertinent information, updated research, and frequently asked questions in one hub. We get straight to the point. You don’t have to do this alone.


  1. Determine your stage & type. Depending on where you are in the progression of CRPS and the type you have, there may be options for you to take advantage of.


  1. Shift from that “learn to live with it” mentality toward healing versus managing the pain. Don’t just manage your symptoms, look into the ingredients you are consuming and check that they are also working towards healing your nerve damage and central nervous system.


  1. Be your own advocate. Don’t let up on getting the best and appropriate care for your condition. Be inquisitive, ask probing questions. Vet your health care professionals and make sure they have a strong sense of familiarity and experience with CRPS. If they don’t, ask them to look into their network to find someone who does. Usually the referral will come directly from your general doctor to an extended branch specializing in pain management. If that doesn’t work, ask your insurance carrier for assistance as well into looking in and out of network directories for those who specialize in pain management, osteopathy depending upon your injury, or rehabilitation. CRPS doctors are likely to be within those branches.


  1. Start Odoyo Premier’s 3 – Step System Regimen. A Nutritional Therapy regimen, complete with a consultative guide outlining every step, and detail into how we attained remission status.


  1. Start physical therapy, and regain a sense of normalcy with an improved quality of life.


The Key:

At Odoyo Premier we start by addressing the root cause, in the most holistic fashion as possible. Regenerative Medicine Methodology is at the crux of our purpose. Learn more about our process by visiting


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