Demystifying Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Demystifying Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSDS): Transparency in this Enigma of a Disease


 The medical abbreviation for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is (CRPS), also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). CRPS is also often referred to as the “suicide disease”.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is defined as a chronic debilitating pain, continuous beyond the healing of the wound, surgery, fracture, or abrasion and out of proportion of the injury. It is believed by industry experts to be linked to the nervous system.

Who Are We

Odoyo Premier is a company founded based upon a CRPS diagnosis. We use regenerative medicine methodology in our strategy to live longer, healthier, lives. We aim to use premium, natural, products as we are nourishing, cleansing and replenishing ourselves down to a cellular level.

Almost all of our content is coming from a first-hand account from a former patient now in remission status, and the caregiver as well.

What We Do

 We are providing high quality content, giving firsthand accounts of what has and hasn’t worked for CRPS,with a detailed walk-through of our journey from diagnosis all the way through to remission. We also have done deep scouring of the web and provide the latest research and news from clinical studies, and industry experts on developments of treatments, and in general.


These are chronicles dedicated just to CRPS as it has been a life changing syndrome. Our blog is packed with information to assist others in their journey with questions, coping, and a possible solution.

Other content that will be shared will be related to living holistically, product reviews, and general content around health & wellness.

Another reason to read our blog is Odoyo Premier has been recognized and selected by panelists at Feedspot as one of the top 15 blogs specializing in CRPS on the web! That is quite an honor and all the more reason to tap in. Click here to check us out.

Thanks for visiting, and stay tuned.

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