Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Provider Directory

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Provider’s USA Database:

Overview: This is a central database of doctors, and specialists whom have some knowledge, specialization or familiarity with treating patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. The purpose of this database is to be another resource for people whom have been diagnosed or suspect they may have CRPS, to work with specialist within their vicinity. Some of these medical professionals are also accepting Medicaid, or state health insurance.


Beacon Bone & Joint Specialists – 3221 Beacon Pkwy Suite B, Granger, IN 46530

McDonald’s Physical Therapy – 1005 N. Hickory Rd. South Bend, IN 46615


Physician Partners of America – Tampa, FL

Ramos Center


Dr. Craig Best – Chicago, IL


Please feel free to reach out if you would like me to add a provider, or with any feedback.




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